Dragon Age: Origins

I’m only a short way into Dragon Age:Origins but I’m already really enjoying myself playing it. The world is incredibly immersive and the conversations you have with in-game characters have a noticeable effect on the story and tale that you will experience.

Combat is challenging (on hard difficulty at least) and engaging enough to stay interesting from fight to fight. The ability to switch between members of your party and give advanced tactical assignments to each member beforehand really allows you to experiment with many different approaches. Crowd control is a large part of the fights I’ve seen so far and often the ability to disable two or three opponents at once so that your group can burn down the others is crucial to your survival. This makes the battles feel important and intense. Larger mobs within packs can quickly cut down casters and archers and they make very informed decisions about who to attack instead of just focusing on the warriors nearest to them. Controlling those mobs early in the fight makes a huge difference in the overall encounters.

I’m looking forward to exposing more of the story and might even consider playing through a second time (rare for me) as there is enough interest in seeing an alternate outcome to certain plot twists (based on the decisions you make) that a replay may still be interesting. I’ll post an update when I know more.

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