Game Night

On Saturday our friends Mark and Kate invited us over for a board game night at their house. We had won a card game at the SoftSource Christmas party that they had brought as part of the white elephant gift exchange and we were keen to try it out. Meaghan and I picked up a bottle of wine and a few beers and headed over to their place. We’ve been looking forward to the chance for a game night for some time and with our card game in hand we were ready to go.

martian-fluxx  agricola

Mark and Kate cooked a great chicken dinner for us, which we later followed with frozen yogurt from a local store they had been wanting to try. The card game, Martian Fluxx, was both easy to learn and fun to play. Players can join and leave the game at any time because it takes only a few steps to win, although you’ll spend much of the game on the brink of winning only to find the goal changing. The game of Fluxx is, as its name suggests, is constantly changing. By playing cards you change the rules as well as the goal for the whole game. It’s fun and fast and I look forward to playing it again.

We also played a game of Agricola, a game that was new to Meaghan and I. You play as a farmer in a wooden hut attempting to build up your farm faster than those around you. There are limited resources and the turns go by quickly. For those who enjoy some deep strategy and big rewards for planning this is a great game. It took a few hours but was great fun and is another I look forward to playing in the future.

Thanks to Mark and Kate for a great game night and for establishing the first of what we hope is a long-lived tradition!

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