Taxes Filed

My W2 and 1099 forms have all arrived in the mail and so tonight I went online to file my taxes. Thanks to a combination of preparedness and the amazingly slick TurboTax system I was able to finish the process in about twenty minutes. We’re getting a fair refund that we’re going to use to pay off more of our debts. This helps out a lot and while some people say that we gave the government an interest-free loan for a year I say that we wouldn’t have separately saved this money through discipline alone. Besides this year I figure the feds could use an extra few dollars in interest.

We’ve successfully resisted the urge to spend any of the refund on toys, instead deciding that reducing the final pieces of our debt was the smarter way to go. There is light at the end of the tunnel now and we’re hopeful that we’ll be debt-free by the middle of the year. Fingers crossed!

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