Kenny & Zukes

This morning Meaghan and I met our friends Brian and Ellen for breakfast at Kenny & Zukes. It was lovely to see them both and great to try a new breakfast venue. We all ordered bagels of one form or another. I was the only one who opted to avoid the lox, instead choosing an olive cream cheese spread. I was thoroughly satisfied with my choice and would happily return for a repeat visit.


I wasn’t keeping track of the coffee refills I was receiving and ended up being more than a little wired for the balance of the morning. Reminded me that green tea is definitely the way to go unless I’m going to drink coffee regularly. As I described to a co-worker: “I feel like the RoadRunner if he had just ingested a mixture of crack and nitrous.” It certainly made for a productive morning but I crashed around lunchtime and had to really buckle down to get through my task list by the end of the day.

Thanks go to our friends for another great breakfast and we look forward to seeing them again soon!

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