Bike Ride, Thai Food, and Face Tagging

The weather was gorgeous today. After a nice long lie-in, Meaghan and I went for a short bike ride around the neighborhood. We had to do a little maintenance first though as we hadn’t ridden them since the end of the summer. My rear brakes weren’t working properly and our tires needed to be inflated.

After our ride and a quick shower we drove down to Wilsonville to enjoy some Thai food at Thai Village. The service is a little slow but they have a really diverse menu and we don’t get to go very often. It was a favorite of mine when I lived in Wilsonville and it was nice to be pay it a return visit.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon tagging faces in Picasa. The kitties were enjoying the sunshine but after our bike ride and a big Thai meal I just needed a rest. Picasaweb has had the ability to tag the faces of people in your photographs and Google finally got around to including the feature in their desktop version. I’m a metadata whore so I took on the challenge of tagging the people in our ~8,000 photographs. Took about three hours but now when someone asks “Hey, do you have a photo of person” I can quickly look through and pull out all of the photographs that person is in. My Google contacts list now has a picture associated with almost every person as well, which is nice for when I receive phone calls from people I don’t speak with very often.

Now I’m going to move on to updating our gallery at SmugMug. They’ve included the ability to share pictures between galleries so I can finally create aggregation albums such as Family, Waterfalls etc.. without having to move the original picture from it’s event album. Sweet! I’ve got a bunch of pictures I’ve been meaning to process and upload as well. I’ll take this opportunity to get caught up.

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