New Truck!

This Saturday Meaghan and I went out and bought a new truck! I’d be thinking for a while that I’d like to trade in the Mazda for something new and after reviewing the available options I returned to a vehicle I’d driven over seven years ago. I first test drove a Toyota Tacoma in 2003 and absolutely loved it. At the time I wasn’t really in a position to purchase it though. When I bought my Mazda I was looking for something comfortable on the long commutes I was doing between Wilsonville and Hillsboro. The Mazda 3 served me extremely well and in the five years I owned it never gave me any trouble at all. The only work that was done in the 43,000 miles I logged were oil changes, a new set of tires at 25,000 miles and a fuel filter replacement ($12). It was a fabulous car and a purchase that owes me nothing. We were also able to get a good amount of cash from it as part of the trade-in.

We actually first went looking at the Tacoma last weekend after returning home from Seattle. At the time though we were pretty tired from our weekend away and decided to wait a week before making any decisions. I spent that time doing research and checking out all of the specs and options as well as the expected price and trade-in value of my Mazda. This left us much more prepared to strike a good deal. After reviewing several models we decided that the Toyota Tacoma 4×4 Access Cab was the way to go. Fortunately Wilsonville Toyota had one in red that was loaded with options.

StuartThompson_NewTruck StuartThompson_MeaghanThompson_BuyingNewToyotaTacoma

A couple of hours later we were driving away with our brand new truck. We got a great price with an exceptionally low interest rate on financing and a good trade-in value for the Mazda; a winning situation all around.

I keep finding excuses to drive places and even seem to discover reasons I need to “just pop out to the truck” to grab a jacket or a coffee mug. I’m rather proud. The following day we took the truck out to a local park to get some pictures.

ToyotaTacoma_RightSide ToyotaTacoma_Back

ToyotaTacoma_Front ToyotaTacoma_Bed

I’m really happy with the choice we made. I love everything from the red paint to the integrated backup camera (it shows a camera picture of what’s behind you in the rear-view mirror to help with parking and reversing). I wanted the access cab specifically to have room in the back seat for my backpack or some groceries, and the optional four-wheel drive means I’ll be able to get around in the winter without any trouble.

ToyotaTacoma_LeftSide MeaghsInTheBack

I’m looking forward to enjoying this truck for a long time to come. I waited seven years from that first test drive and I’m hoping to get at least twenty years from it, if not a lot more. I’m sure more pictures will be posted in the coming weeks as the new owner of this shiny red truck finds excuses to write more about it.

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