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Tonight our company hosted a fun poker tournament as a team-building social event. We were invited to Cheryl’s House of Cards (our Director of Finance has a great setup for poker!) at 4pm to compete against our peers in a free roll no-limit Texas Hold’Em tournament. There were prizes offered for the top three finishing positions as well as several bounties for knocking out certain people.

Without the burdens of either knowledge or skill I set about playing hands in the best way I knew how and within about fifteen minutes had claimed two bounties; one from last year’s champion and another from our host. My chip stack was now high enough to stay making people pay to see cards and within another thirty minutes or so had grown sufficiently as to afford me a few mistakes.

StuartThompson_PlayingPoker   PrizeMoney

I made it to the “final table” of five and was blessed once more with superb luck. Throughout the night I had been dealt some nice pocket cards, however I’d also been finding a lot of luck on flops. Out of about thirty hands I flopped two full houses and then saw another full house on the river. It was this final card that saw me taking the grand prize. In a rather enigmatic final hand my heads-up opponent had started made an all-in call right after the flop. Calling would put me in for less than 30% of my chips, however I’d already made two-pair and felt that his move was based more upon running out of big blinds than on holding a solid hand. After we turned our cards I found that I was beating by a higher two pair. Things got worse on the turn as my opponent now had full house. However, I then made my fifth full house of the night when the river card was dealt. It was a higher full house and to my fortune gave me the victory hand.


I graciously accepted the prizes as recognition of the hands and bets I placed that night. However, a greater victory was won in the statement that Texas Hold’Em poker could indeed be dominated by a great deal of good luck, guts, and glory. While I recognize the skill of those who truly know how to play I also appreciated the chance to bask in the glory of a moment created for one who most assuredly does not. All in all a great night was had by one; a feeling a hope was shared by all who attended.

In the words of Flavor Flav…”that’s just how we roll”…


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