The Pacific (Band of Brothers)

These past few weeks Meaghan and I have been joining our friends Matt and Dan to watch the new HBO series “The Pacific”. This is a follow-up series to the extremely popular Band of Brothers but told from the perspective of the conflicts against Japan in the pacific. It is amazing to me how little I knew of the battles and struggles that the marines encountered on tiny strips of land very few people have ever heard of.


On Friday night we put in a marathon to get caught up on episodes four through seven. There are ten total with the final three airing throughout the rest of May. I’m looking forward to reaching the conclusion of the series. We’re planning to watch the original band of brothers (which Dan has on DVD) after we finish the pacific episodes as neither Meaghan nor I have ever seen it before. The pacific certainly has me hooked and looking forward to more. This is definitely one of those shows that will leave you wanting to watch something a little more lighthearted before retiring to bed for the night however. In one word: intense.

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