Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- Commander

This evening I finally reached the rank of Commander in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. There was much rejoicing. After seventy levels of combat I now have access to every weapon in the game. Now I can complete the challenges with each of those weapons to fill out my list of titles.

StuartThompson_ModernWarfare2_CommanderI’ve been impressed with MW2’s ability to remain interesting for so long. Despite having logged almost 48 hours with the game I still find it to be a compelling and interesting challenge. So much so that I finally broke down and bought the game guide for access to the superb printed maps that it contains.

CallOfDuty_ModernWarfare2_GameGuideMaps I’m already fairly familiar with several of the levels, but I find that having a printed version of the map open in front of me helps even more with positioning and planning good sniping locations. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll enter “Prestige Mode”, which basically entails resetting your weapons and equipment and returning you to level 1 but granting a bonus title and different rank logo. I think I’m more interested in completing the challenges for each of the weapons first and then maybe considering that route if I run out of things to do or lose interest with the level 70 game. My next goal is to complete at least the SCAR-H and M14A challenges.

For now I’m enjoying my title of “Commander”.

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  1. Gareth Mcwatters says:

    hey thats great im level 57 im close to 70 cause of my combat skills iv been to level 70 once and hit that button to send me back to level 1 once it was very boring well if your going to try again to reach level 70 i did it on my old PS3 im now level 57 on my new one.

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