Agricola and IPA Ranking

There are many ingredients and many ways to combine them that go into making a good night. However, when you start with friends, add board games, and then a selection of top-quality beers it’s hard to find a combination or permutation that doesn’t lead to success. Last night we experimented with that exact set of components as we joined our friends Matt, Kevin, and Dan for a game of Agricola accompanied by an IPA tasting.

2007_agricola agricola

Meaghan baked delicious chocolate-chip cookies to take with us that were the perfect compliment to the beer and the pizza Matt and Holly had already prepared for us. As I tasted each of the IPAs in turn and then in turn again, carefully ranking them as to their awesomeness I remembered that life gets much harder than beers and gaming with friends.

Ultimately I ranked the beers as follows (right to left in the picture)

  1. Stone: Ruination IPA
  2. Lagunitas: Hop Stoopid Ale
  3. Laurelwood: Workhorse IPA
  4. Bear Republic: Racer 5 IPA

2010-05-05 19.03.48 

Kevin won our game of Agricola but we all had a fun night playing. It’s a deep game and definitely one that I look forward to playing again soon. I was also reminded that I need to buy and play Puerto Rico. It’s not the first time I have heard it recommended as the “greatest board game of all time.”

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