End of a busy week!

We’ve had a great week, but it’s been yet another busy one. My new project at work is going really well but I’m putting in some long hours to get a good start and I’ve noticed a greater need for sleep on the weekends as a result.

Wednesday night we spent a night with our friends playing board games. Thursday night we spent at the Home Depot getting some equipment for my new truck, specifically a new hand cart, some rope, a pair of cam tie-downs, and a tarp.

Friday I worked a little later and then got home just in time to kill Nefarian in Blackwing Lair with our guild Relentless.


This evening we get the opportunity to host our friends Brian and Ellen for dinner. Following a nice long sleep this morning we’ve spent some time this afternoon cleaning the house and preparing for guests. The weather outside is absolutely gorgeous, which makes it all a lot easier of course. Summer is coming and we’re already getting into the swing of things. Tomorrow I’m hoping the weather will hold long enough to make it out to a park and play with my camera a little.

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2 Responses to End of a busy week!

  1. Su Thompson says:

    what do you need a hand cart for
    is it to go to hell and back in (as in the song)

    mum and dad
    (mum forced me to send this)

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