Weekend in Astoria – Part Two

This morning I awoke to a fantastic sunrise. It was just before 5 am when the first rays of light crept in through the window. Looking out over the river I decided this was too good to miss so I got dressed, grabbed my camera, and headed outside to take a few pictures. The sky was clear and the wind was calm. It was a wonderfully serene space in which to take a moment and be at peace.

Astoria June 2010-Sunrise over the pier

After taking a few photographs I got some breakfast from the hotel lobby and enjoyed the view from the end of the pier.

Astoria June 2010-Sun rising over the Bridgewater Bistro  Astoria June 2010-Cannery Pier Hotel-One of the original shipping vessels. 

Stuart Thompson-Astoria June 2010-Looking out over the pier  Astoria June 2010-Astoria Bridge

I’m going to blog some more when I get the chance but for now we’re enjoying ourselves too much to take the time to write about it.

I will continue to upload all of the pictures we take to: http://gallery.stuartthompson.net/Vacations/Astoria-June-2010

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