First Anniversary

Meaghan and I celebrated our first anniversary today. It’s amazing to think that a year has gone by already. It seems like it was just yesterday we were scouting locations, tasting cakes, and interviewing photographers. Looking back over the last three years it is amazing to take in the amount of work and passion that went in to creating what was truly a great day. So many people collaborated to create the perfect celebration for Meaghan and I and we can not thank you all enough.

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We’ve had a super year and have great memories to look back upon. Not least of which were the amazing pictures taken by Artistique Photography. If you’re looking for professionals to cover your event I can highly recommend talking to Michelle and Justin. Not only does their work speak for itself in terms of quality, they are highly personable and a joy to be around. Very nice on a stressful day to have two people around who can ground you while they work.

We look forward to celebrating many great years and are proud to look back at such a great start!

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