Leaving Flickr, PicasaWeb, Facebook in favor of SmugMug

At least, where photographs are concerned. I’ve been ignoring my camera lately and that is something that is set to change. One of the big mental blocks I’ve been facing lately is that my online photo sharing sites have fallen into disarray. I originally joined Flickr, PicasaWeb, and SmugMug to compare and contrast their features. I’ve long since decided that SmugMug was the way to go but have been dragging my feet on cleaning up the other accounts.

This morning I began removing my albums from Facebook and Flickr. Tonight I shall finish up by clearing my PicasaWeb account and uploading the missing galleries to SmugMug. I’m also planning to go through my SmugMug galleries and get them organized. Hopefully that will remove the mental block and get me going on photography again.

Our gallery is located here: http://gallery.stuartthompson.net

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