It’s just a savings account

Whatever happened to the concept of just having a bank account? Like most people I have a checking account from which I manage the majority of my finances. I use a debit card for some purchases and a checkbook to pay some bills. However, I also maintain a small savings account with a different bank. It’s just a place to put away a little money when I get the chance. I have no need for a debit card, checkbook, credit card, or fancy doohicky as the only purpose of the account is to slowly accrue what I can occasionally put aside.

However, any time I attempt to make a deposit into this savings account I am asked to first “swipe my debit card”. When I explain that I don’t have a debit card on the account I usually receive an incredulous look as though I am from another planet. This morning the assistant even said “Ok, that’s strange. Lets get one ordered for you. I’ll need your ID.” I had to once again explain that I had no need nor desire for a debit card on this account, or for a credit card or checkbook. I simply want a place to store money in a secure location.

Is it any wonder that our country is up to the eyeballs in debt when at every moment our banks are bestowing upon us more and more ways to “conveniently” spend what little money we put aside? Whatever happen to having just a good old fashioned bank account?

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3 Responses to It’s just a savings account

  1. Gary Jan Aanetsen says:

    That’s what you get for electing a marxist as President. It’s his cunning plan to make America Communist. Trick all the hard working capitalists bankrupt themselves and then nationalise everything on the cheap 😉

  2. Sounds like déjà vu from growing up in England.

  3. Brad Williams says:

    Good observation. It is not in the banks’ interests if we aren’t all leveraged to the hilt.

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