Upgraded Storage Unit

public storage logoA couple of months ago we upgraded our public storage unit to the next available size. We’ve been using our 5’x5’ space for about three years now and love it but we needed more room. It turns out that the cost difference between a 5’x5’ space and a 5’x10’ space is about $8 per month. That’s an excellent deal for twice the space. This weekend we finally took our bikes over to the storage unit; the original impetus for upgrading the size. It’s nice to get them out of the living room and we took the opportunity to reorganize the storage space when we first moved our stuff across. Took about fifteen minutes total to get the bikes in StorageUnitLayoutthe back of the truck and then wheel them into the new storage unit. So much easier than the old debacle of trying to fit them into closets or the little outside storage area attached to our apartment. It’s nice to get them out of the living room and stored away ready for next spring.

This diagram shows why the extra $8 made all of the difference. I’ve tried to show the shapes of the various storage tubs and large items that are packed in there. It’s great to be able to store all of this stuff plus two bikes and be able to easily walk around inside the unit and quickly get access to whatever you need from there. This unit is going to make moving into a house much easier too as we won’t have to about any of the stored items on moving day. We can come back and grab them at a later date as needed.

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