The Thirsty Lion Pub & Grill

ThirstyLionLogoRecently, a new Thirsty Lion opened in our neighborhood. We had visited the original Thirsty Lion was in downtown Portland a couple of times for their pub quiz nights so we were extremely excited to learn that one was opening just down the street. We missed their official opening night on Tuesday the 9th but Meaghan visited on Wednesday and then met Matt & Holly for dinner again on Friday to check it out. Both visits were great. The atmosphere just feels right and the "traditional British pub” theme carries through pretty well. With 55 beers on tap and 10 IPAs there is no lack of selection for beer drinkers, however the lack of a cider on the menu was a little strange. Fortunately there are several good mixed drinks on the menu and a full bar from which to order your own favorites. Prices were reasonable, about on par with other restaurants in the area. The entrées range from $10 to $25 with appetizers in the $6 to $10 zone. The food quality was very high on both occasions, however some unfamiliarity with the new menu led to a couple of mistakes from the servers on one visit. Being opening week it was also extremely busy and I’m sure they’ll get it all figured out within a few weeks. With the experience, good service, great food, and wide beer selection we left feeling that we had received good value for money on both visits.

Hopefully they will soon incorporate the pub quiz that is popular in the downtown location.  That was a lot of fun and a great reason to set up a regular visit a couple of nights a month. There are several large flat-screen TVs around the bar area showing various sports programming and some music videos, including some Premier League football matches. However, if you want to watch the game you really need a seat at the bar as the TVs are tricky to see from the dining area.

Hope to see you there!

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