Thanksgiving 2010

Meaghan’s family, her parents, sister, brother-in-law, and our new nephew, drove up to Portland to join us for Thanksgiving this year. We had a great long weekend filled with good food, fine wine, and great company. On Friday the girls went out early for some Black Friday shopping and we all met for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. By the time we met it was just before noon and the girls had already been shopping for nine hours.

Mandy-Chris-Greg Jenny-Stu-Meaghan

The shopping produced some great deals, including a new memory foam king-size mattress for Meaghan and I. We’ve been getting some great nights sleep lately! As ever with Thanksgiving we ended up with piles of left-over Turkey and dressings. We’ve been eating up turkey sandwiches, turkey and mash, turkey and stuffing so long I think we’ll turn into turkeys soon.


I recorded a couple of videos of Cole while he was up here and plan to post them to our gallery at SmugMug as soon as I figure out a few minor technical issues. I didn’t go as snap-happy with my camera as usual, but I’m hoping to get copies of pictures that everyone else took. I’ll update the gallery as soon as I receive any new ones.

It was great to see everyone and we’re really glad that they could get the time off work and drive up through the snow to see us. Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

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