XBox #2 and Kinect

This weekend Mae and I decided that she needed her own XBox. One just isn’t enough for a nerd-rich family like ours. She has been very interested in the Kinect and the very active series of games that come with it. It was the perfect time to get both together. We set up her system this weekend and had a blast. So far we only have the bundled Kinect Adventures game to take advantage of the new hardware. Mae had a lot of fun jumping, ducking and diving around in the log flume game as well as a few others. Looks like a lot of fun. I echo a similar caution to that which others have voiced in that you really need a LOT of space for Kinect to perform optimally. The box and literature say 6 to 8ft, but in reality that 8ft is the minimum. Ideally you’ll have closer to 10ft so that you can move around comfortably and not bump into things.

kinect stuart thompson

In addition to playing with Kinect we each got a copy of Fable III and spent most of Sunday playing through the main campaign cooperatively. It’s nice having a screen each and connecting via Live instead of doing the whole split-screen thing. Makes a big difference to how playable the cooperative modes are. Looking forward to trying out the Kinect myself. That’s unlikely to happen this week, however, as we are currently the busiest people we know.

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