Vacation Day One

Although I have technically been on vacation since Saturday today represented the first true day of time off due to various business appointments and other jobs that needed to be completed first. I started the day with a nice long lazy stint of laying in bed watching TV before hauling ass down to the local GameStop in Washington Square mall and picking up my pre-paid copy of Mortal Kombat for the XBox 360. What followed was a geek-fest of story mode and challenge tower goodness as I explored all that this new game had to offer.

MortalKombatGuideAndCaseMortal Kombat Loading Screen

The sun was shining bright, so in the afternoon Meaghan and I enjoyed a nice walk to get some fresh air. One of the things I love about being on vacation is how much more observant I feel, taking in the world around me and enjoying the little things. Usually a walk could be viewed as a way to unwind some stress and get in much needed exercise. On vacation it becomes an experience of wildlife, nature, and sunshine. A different perspective truly changes the world as you know it.

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