Vacation Day Two

Today was another lazy day. I played my piano for a short while, progressed through more of the Mortal Kombat story mode, and joined my buddies at SoftSource for some BBQ and Texas Hold’em Poker.

The last few days have taught me that unwinding from stress is a multi-stage process. Over the weekend I was simply tired. The fatigue of a stressful project left me wanting to sleep. Yesterday I experienced a sort of glee at my freedom, and then today has been more about physical pain and tension. My shoulders are tight, my spine is sore, and my legs and arms feel stretched out. It’s as though I’d run a marathon except without the beneficial exercise. I’m fairly certain it’s the sensation left behind by knots of tension that are slowly unwinding. I’ve been stretching and taking short walks to work through most of it, but tonight especially I feel like a length of wire that’s been twisted and then straightened out just one too many times.

I’m really looking forward to flying out to Hawaii tomorrow. It will be really nice to get away to the warm beaches for a few days and enjoy the sights. A quick check of the weather forecast shows mid-80s all week long. Sweet.

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