Hawaii – Day Two

This morning we walked down to Waikiki beach to go swimming. It was a beautiful eighty degrees outside with just enough cloud cover and a mild breeze. Despite being only early in the morning, the sand and water were already quite warm. We played in the ocean, bobbing in the waves, and exploring different parts of the beach for the next few hours before returning to the hotel  to shower and start the rest of our day.

Waikiki Beach East Waikiki Beach West

After a short break we loaded up on sun screen and took the rental car out towards Pearl Harbor. Some of the more popular and yet solemn tourist attractions on Hawaii are the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites, including the Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin, and the Battleship Missouri. We arrived at the center shortly after noon to find it already quite busy. Tours to the Arizona memorial run every fifteen minutes yet due to the number of people there that day the next available tour was at 14:45. We decided that it was worth the wait and there are plenty of other things to see, including the Pearl Harbor museum. We spent some time looking, learning, and thinking. The Pearl Harbor site is one of awe that invites introspection and contemplation. We took the time to experience both.

USS Arizona Memorial USS Missouri

Meaghan at Pearl Harbor Stuart at Pearl Harbor

After our morning at the beach and time at Pearl Harbor we were ready to slow the pace a little. Shopping and dining were in order. We decided to head over to the Ala Moana shopping center, the largest shopping mall on the island. There is nothing here that a shopper could ever be left wanting for. On the way we took a few minutes to stop by my old apartment building. I used to live on Hawaii in 1999/2000 and thought it would be nice to see the old place again. We took a couple of pictures while we were there. The apartment complex is called Kapilani terrace and back then it was “home”. Fun to see the old place again and bring back memories of living in a suburban Hawaiian neighborhood.

Stuart Thompson - Kapiolani Terrace - Oahu Hawaii

Once we arrived at Ala Moana, Meaghan was in shopping paradise. After a busy day it was nice to take some time in the shade just lazily browsing through shops. Even that soon proved too taxing, however, and so we took it upon ourselves to dine at one of the best restaurants in Hawaii; Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Meaghan enjoyed a Cajun Mahi Mahi with mashed potatoes and grilled shrimp, while I selected a local whitefish known as Opah or moonfish with pineapple mango salsa and white rice. We topped them off with a couple of margaritas and talked the evening away.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Opah with Pineapple Mango Salsa - Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Meaghan Thompson - Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Having completely taken our fill of great food and shopping we returned to the hotel for the evening to rest and prepare for more adventures tomorrow.

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