Hawaii – Day Three

We got up early today in order to beat the crowds to one of Hawaii’s most popular beaches; Hanauma Bay. The bay contains one of the most beautiful natural reefs that you can swim right up to. With a snorkel set of pair of goggles you can see all manner of marine life and literally swim with the fishes. We spent all morning just relaxing in the water, watching the fish, and soaking up the sun. It was glorious.

Hanauma Bay hanauma-bay

(photo from Tracy Gallagher)                     

After our energetic morning of swimming we opted for a meal at the restaurant in our hotel, which turned out to be Chilis, one of our favorite places to eat before the chain had closed its restaurants in Oregon. It was a treat to get the chicken and ribs combo as well as their chips and salsa.

chilis  Atlantis Submarine

In the afternoon we bought tickets to ride on the Atlantis Submarine, which runs tours along the ocean floors around the Hawaiian islands. We were able to get some spectacular pictures and videos.

Stuart Thompson - Meaghan Thompson - Hawaii - Atlantis Submarine Submarine video preview

There are several ship wrecks, man-made reefs, and a sunken airplane as part of the tour, all of which are filled with marine life. In the video above, a couple of sea turtles were sitting on the deck of a sunken ship.

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