Hawaii – Day Seven

Hanauma Bay was one of our favorite experiences last week so we decided that since this was our last full day remaining we should return and enjoy it one last time. We were required to watch their orientation video again, a process we could have skipped had we signed a repeat visitor form on our first visit had we known we would be returning so soon. Fortunately the video is only a few minutes long and soon enough we were snorkeling and swimming around the coral reef and amongst the abundance of sea life.

Tired from our morning swim we took a brief rest at mid-day before deciding upon a more leisurely afternoon. Snorkeling is much more physically demanding than it looks and after a week of fairly non-stop adventure we were ready for a rest. The Ala Moana shopping center provided a nice distraction for the afternoon.

Tanaka of Tokyo - West - Ala Moana Shopping Center

As this was our final night in Hawaii we chose to dine in style at Tanaka of Tokyo; a dining experience that I’d been looking forward to trying for some time. A personal chef prepared our meal right at our table with style. It’s along the lines of Benihana if you’ve ever enjoyed that experience, yet this was a cut above in my opinion. The steak was as tender and juicy as any I’ve tasted and Meaghan assures me that the lobster tail was exquisite. A lovely way to round out our final day in paradise.

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