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For years now I have used a Moleskine notebook to record meeting notes, thoughts, diagrams, and all manner of little discoveries. I wanted to embrace the idea of going paperless but the Moleskine was portable, easy to jot notes in quickly, and always available.

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Three years ago I started using Evernote to formalize some notes but still couldn’t give up the Moleskine. A laptop wasn’t always available and diagramming on computers is still painfully slow compared to pen and paper. The paper notebook lived on.

ipad2  ipad-evernote (1)

Enter the iPad; a multi-touch surface with an internet connection and native client application for Evernote. Tools such as Penultimate allow for hand drawn diagrams to be included in notes. The circle is complete.

I ordered an iPad two weeks ago and expect it to be delivered sometime this week. I can’t wait to get started retiring the last of the analog notebooks in my life. The advantages of cloud storage, filtering, searching, and all the goodness of an electronic notebook await, and for the first time ever I don’t feel like I’ll be giving up hand-drawn diagrams, portability, and reliability. Awesome.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I spent a fortune looking for the ipad app that would let me drop pencil and paper but I eventually gave up. Didn’t like evernote. Penultimate was close. Notetaker was closer still. I think i need decent handwriting recognition before i can give up on pencil and paper. I don’t like typing notes.

    I have a couple of decent diagramming apps that i like…but i still sketch on paper too.

  2. I’m still hopeful for Evernote. The handwriting recognition would be nice but I’ll type the text if I can get hand-drawn diagrams.

    What other diagramming apps do you use?

  3. Kevin says:

    Touchdraw for vector diagrams. Its”ok”. Everyone says to omnigraffle but i’m too cheap. If i ever neeeeed a diagramming app i’ll spring for it.

  4. Yeah, Omni is far too expensive for my tastes. I’ll check out Touchdraw. So far I’ve had success with ArtStudio as it lets me draw rectangles, lines, and add text.

  5. BG kahuna says:

    I am in the same boat. Don’t really are for this version of moleskin. I like the penultimate pen recognition. I wish there was a cloud storage service to back up the dats.

  6. Ashby Koss says:

    Try notes plus. Drop box Backup and restore, along with hand written and typed text entry. V3 on the horizon.

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