iPad – First Impressions

My new iPad2 was delivered today. After eagerly taking everything out of the box and then turning it on I was prompted to connect to iTunes to initialize the device. After a short registration process everything was ready to go.

Ease of Initial Setup
The battery came fully charged and the initialization process with iTunes was a breeze. Not having to wait several hours before getting to use a new toy is always a big plus. An impressive start!

Activating Verizon 3G Service
Signing up for the Verizon 3G service was as simple as providing basic billing information and a credit card number. I’ve since turned off the 3G radio as I’m using my wireless network at home. I’ll update with more information about the 1GB data cap and reliability of the Verizon 3G service once I learn more.

Smart Cover
Having read about Apple’s new smart cover I decided to take a leap of faith and trust that the Apple design engineers would create something brilliant to accompany their new tablet. I thought the red leather would contrast well with the black iPad and figured since I was ordering through the online store I’d take advantage of ordering the store exclusive cover to go with it.

I’m very pleased with the choice. The system of magnets to hold the cover in place work very well, and the cover is slim and lightweight enough to not interfere with the iPad’s convenience and portability.

The core power of any smartphone or tablet comes from the applications that can be installed. I’ll start by walking through the first few applications I chose to install.

By far the most anticipated application for me is EverNote. For the last few weeks I’ve been oh so hopeful that I’ll finally be able to replace my Moleskine notebook and go not only paperless but to a cloud storage solution for all of my notes. Not having to worry about losing the most important notebook in my work life would be a big weight off my mind.

Second to EverNote is the hope that PenUltimate will allow me to draw diagrams and export them to my notebooks.

My friend Kevin Lawrence has inspired me with some of his iPad artwork, created using ArtStudio.

I’ll post about my experiences with these applications once I’ve had a little more time to use them. Right now everything is looking good and it’s time to play.

Minor Snag
I ran into one minor issue while attempting to install my first application. Apparently I hadn’t bought anything through the iTunes store for a while and so the app store needed to verify some information prior to finishing the download of Evernote. Unfortunately this borked the Evernote install and while the app store and iTunes thought that Evernote was installed, the iPad itself did not show a desktop icon for it. I checked that I’d scrolled to the side. There were no additional desktops available. Fortunately, a restore fixed the issue (I hadn’t really done anything yet so a restore presented no problems) and I was soon back in business.

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