First Day at TW

Today was my first day at TW Telecom. It began with an early start followed by a short ride on a bus; my new commute. After arriving in downtown Portland, I checked in at the office and began the familiar process of meeting new colleagues and setting up my development environment.

Lunch was a sandwich from Subway and catching up with an old friend. The afternoon saw the serious pursuit of information and much note-taking ensued. The iPad performed superbly. A combination of Evernote, ArtStudio (for diagrams) and photos of whiteboards worked together to capture much of the domain knowledge that was being shared.

By the end of the day I had my machine set up, a bunch of notes, and a phone on my desk. I think that’s enough to declare success. It’s always a little scary to start something new, yet at the same time refreshing. Looking forward to getting more into my new routine and finding some stability.

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