Measuring Fuel Economy on my Truck

Time moves quickly. I can hardly believe that I’ve owned my new truck for a whole year now. Ever since that time I’ve been saving my gas receipts and writing the mileage indicated on the odometer on the back of the receipt. I wanted to track the effective gas mileage as well as the cost of gas over the year.

This table contains the raw data.

Data sheet

Here are the charts showing first the miles per gallon achieved over the year, then the cost of filling a tank as the price of gas rose by one dollar over twelve months.

MPG Cost

The data shows an average MPG of 18.24, while the cost of a 17 gallon tank rose from around $50 to almost $70. I drove almost 4,000 miles last year, giving a total gas cost of $726. That’s more than enough incentive to lower gas consumption this year as prices continue to rise.

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