iPad 3G Data Plan Usage

I’ve had my iPad for a little over a fortnight now. During that time I’ve been making use of the Verizon 3G data plan pretty sparingly. The data plan costs $20 per 1GB of data used so to avoid racking up a big monthly charge I’ve been metering my usage carefully. This morning I checked on the status of my account to see how I was doing; 44MB used so far with 979MB remaining. Hmm…yeah. I think I’m probably safe to use it a little more liberally.


I use wireless for the most part while at home as its much faster anyway. That said I’m extremely pleased that I decided to get the 3G data plan. It’s been great having it available on the bus and at lunch. I’m also using it at work as the corporate wireless requires a browser login that doesn’t seem to cache very well. So far I think the only data I’ve sent back and forth is in Evernote.

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