Magic and Belly Dancing

Some would argue that belly dancing is indeed a form of magic, and they wouldn’t be far from the truth. The rhythmic sway of a toned abdomen can easy induce a form of hypnosis. It’s hard to look away from the artistic expression of the dancers.

DSC_0200   DSC_0194   DSC_0184

Our friends Dan and Lorraine were performing together last night as part of Belly Dancing Uncorked at Vino Vixens. Better known by his stage name, “The Doctor of Magic”, Dan dazzled us with his tricks while Lorraine captivated our attention with a mixture of magic and dancing.


We were treated to several other acts throughout the evening, including a mesmerizing dance from a young lady named Katy Swenson, who it would appear has done this sort of thing before. (I may or may not have developed a bit of a crush)

DSC_0175   DSC_0177   DSC_0163

After the show a few of us headed over to Hopworks for some late night happy hour and to talk about the show.

The photographs are a little grainy as there wasn’t a lot of light available and I dared not use a flash. Furthermore, the pictures hardly tell the story. If you get the chance I recommend a night out at Vino Vixens when the belly dancing show is on.

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