Call of Duty:Black Ops Placemat

My copy of CODBO finally stopped working today. The disk had scratches on it from day one, but the only problem I saw was with a few multiplayer maps failing to load and one single player mission that refused to start. Not a huge deal. I had tried early on to get Activision to replace the disk but they put me through so many hoops that it just wasn’t worth it.

As time has passed I have slowly been losing access to more and more maps. I’m guessing that textures or sounds needed for those maps were on parts of the disk that were unreadable or becoming unreadable. It still wasn’t enough of a problem to consider replacing it until today when after complaining “the disk is unreadable” several times the XBox basically just gave up loading the game at all.

My first instinct was to embed the disk in a nearby wall at high velocity, however deciding not to injure either the wall or myself in the process I instead turned it into something much more functional. A few minutes with a pair of scissors and I was able to create this stylish call of duty themed placemat!

DSC_0006  DSC_0007

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