Alison Krauss & Union Station

From the moment I first heard her voice I fell in love with Alison Krauss and her music. She has the most incredible tone and richness when she sings and with Union Station has found a truly amazing set of musicians with which to bring that voice to life. I once commented on YouTube that Alison could sing the phonebook to me in Chinese and that I’d sit and listen happily for hours. I stand by that statement. Fortunately Meaghan and I got the chance recently to see Alison live in concert at the Edgefield McMenamins.

AlisonKrauss610x1  Alison Krauss akrauss

We got there a little later than we had intended to and didn’t have the best view of the stage, but for me it was still a magical experience. From the moment the band came on stage to the time we had to leave I was enthralled at the magic and beauty of such a talented singer sharing her music with us live. If you’ve seen the movie O’ Brother Where Art Thou then you’ve likely listened to and enjoyed some of Alison’s music.

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