My Morning as a Pin Cushion at OHSU

OHSUThis morning I received my flu shot, got a tetanus booster, and as part of a typical annual wellness assessment had blood drawn to learn my vital statistics. This will help me to save money on my health insurance next year due to a neat benefits program offered by my employer. As I sat in the waiting room preparing to be poked and prodded I thought about the incredible services that are so readily available to us. While having metal needles stuck into my skin certainly isn’t my favorite thing, the knowledge that ten minutes from my house there exists a sterile, professional, and well-funded institution providing these services is an incredible blessing. Looking around the waiting room I saw anxious faces ruminating the procedures that would fill their short term and smiled. We forget how lucky we are. Adding to the availability and convenience, the staff at OHSU maintain a high level of professionalism and courteousness that makes the process all the more pleasant. I’m now good on tetanus for another ten years, have my flu shot, and a blood panel on the way all in under thirty minutes and I’m back at work and ready to go.

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Health Insurance Discount Incentive
MoneyOne of the reasons I scheduled my health assessment (in addition to simply wanting to know if I’m well) is because my employer, tw telecom, is offering a reduction in next year’s health insurance premium to all employees who do so. I think that’s a fantastic idea and one I was quick and happy to support. I believe that preventative solutions save more money than reactive ones and I’m sure that’s as true in medicine as it is in technology. If me getting early warning signs on health issues helps to save the beleaguered health system money then reflecting those actions in a lower premium seems very appropriate.

sharealikeInfluenza virus picture courtesy of AJC1.

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