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Zero Email Bounce: The Power of a Clean Inbox

I attempt to clear out my email inboxes at the end of every work day, although I usually manage it only a couple of times per week. I’ve been doing this for about five years now and one of the … Continue reading

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WordPress for iPad: New Version

Ever since I bought my iPad I have been searching for a good blogging tool. I first tried the community supported WordPress application six months ago and was not impressed. The lack of rich text editing features made it little … Continue reading

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Time Management

This weekend I had a lot of things to accomplish. My task list this morning was packed full of high priority items. I employ a couple of tools that help me to manage my time effectively so that I can … Continue reading

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Disable Toast Notifications in Outlook 2010

When a new email arrives, Outlook displays a desktop alert in the bottom-right of your screen. It looks like toast popping up from a toast, or rather fading in from an ethereal desktop toaster. The problem is that it can … Continue reading

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Caffeine Free

I’m now completely caffeine free. I don’t drink soda, coffee, tea, or even those Sobe fruit drinks that try to disguise themselves as something else. For the past two years I’ve had no caffeine at all and my energy levels … Continue reading

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Netflix: “No Qwikster”

Over the past few months NetFlix have announced that they were raising their prices, splitting their DVD by mail and streaming services, and finally that the service split would actually involved splitting into two companies. Since that time there have … Continue reading

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Magic: The Gathering

I’ve recently been playing Magic: The Gathering on XBox 360 with my friends Kevin and Roody. I have deliberately steered clear of the Magic line of card games for years. Both being a completionist and having an addictive personality, I … Continue reading

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Scanning My Old Journals

As part of the ongoing migration to Evernote, today I began scanning in the last of my old paper journals. I’ve already moved a lot of things into an electronic format, either to the blog in the case of public … Continue reading

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Exploring the LAMP Stack

HTML5 is the future. If that wasn’t clear to me before, then it certainly is now. I’ve known for a while that the plug-in model (Flash, Silverlight) weren’t the long-term solution, but all that XAML goodness kept me hanging around … Continue reading

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