Magic: The Gathering

I’ve recently been playing Magic: The Gathering on XBox 360 with my friends Kevin and Roody. I have deliberately steered clear of the Magic line of card games for years. Both being a completionist and having an addictive personality, I feared that Magic would be a quick way to dispose of large amounts of both money and time. Magic is a card game where opponents face off using decks of cards. The cards in there hands represent creatures, spells, and magic items that can be used to do battle. The danger of the traditional Magic card games is that you are able to purchase new cards to augment your deck, thereby giving you stronger cards to use in battle. Strong players will spend significant time and money to create the perfect deck.

IMAG0471  IMAG0468

The XBox arcade versions of the game mitigates those risks by limiting the decks and cards that are available. This has two appealing effects; you won’t meet players who have spent thousands of dollars creating the perfect deck, nor will you be tempted to also spend thousands of dollars in order to compete with them.

Kevin, Roody, and myself have been meeting online on Sunday afternoon to play together for a few hours in a game mode that pits the three of us against an arch-enemy; a computer controlled player with bonuses that make him or her extra tough to beat. It’s a nice way to shoot the breeze and have some fun.

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