Scanning My Old Journals

big-evernote-iconAs part of the ongoing migration to Evernote, today I began scanning in the last of my old paper journals. I’ve already moved a lot of things into an electronic format, either to the blog in the case of public journals from vacations or to electronic documents in the case of more private diary entries. There were, however, a final few paper journals sitting on my bookshelf; the last of the old guard. While there still exists a certain romance with old pen and paper journals, the reality is that the availability and portability of modern media outweighs that romance for me.

Scanning Journals into Evernote           instapaper-ipad 

I like keeping old journals because I like to look back at times and see what I was thinking and experiencing in years gone by. The security offered by backup systems and the availability of cloud services has made it a no-brainer. While an iPad would no more survive a fire than a paper journal, off-site encrypted backups certainly would. So with that goal in mind I removed the pages from my remaining paper journals and this evening I started to scan them in and file them electronically.

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2 Responses to Scanning My Old Journals

  1. Don Sakers says:

    I’ve been doing exactly the same thing, with a set of paper journals that date from my high school and college days, plus a bunch of more functional pages (“Things-To-Do-Today” lists and such) from when I started working. Those high school journals are simultaneously fascinating and embarrassing.

    Starting in the mid-1980s when I got my first computer, I’ve been keeping journals in electronic form; those are already all transferred over to Evernote. I’m also trying to include photos and scans of memorabilia like ticket stubs, concert programs, that kind of stuff.

    My informal goal is to get my entire life onto Evernote. Since I’m 53, it’s going to take a while longer. 🙂

    The most important part is keeping all this stuff fresh and alive. I try to make time each day to look back at journal entries from the same day 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. years back. It’s a great way to relive the past and get perspective on the present.

  2. I like the idea of reading previous entries from the same day years ago. I’ll have to try that. I read in a more ad hoc manner now. Evernote is superb. We’ve imported all manner of information, from paperwork to manuals, insurance records, and new journals. So nice to have it indexed and at your fingertips.

    53 years of life will make a mighty notebook!

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