Searching for a ToodleDo Android client

As part of my ongoing effort to get and stay organized I’ve been evaluating my to-do list management. What I’ve found so far is that I do pretty well on burning tasks off the list, but I sometimes fail to capture new tasks as they come up. If I am sitting at my desk or using my iPad then I add the task right there and then. Unfortunately, ideas don’t play fair like that. Often new tasks will pop up at the most inconvenient of times, such as when I’m in the shower, out on a walk, or in the middle of playing a game. Some of the time I’m able to remember the idea long enough, but more often than not I remember weeks later when the task is no longer relevant. In the worst case I have déjà vu and realize that I’ve thought of and forgotten the same task so many times over that it’s not even relevant to the current century.


DGT-GTD-ToDo-AlphaOne of the biggest reasons for this gap is the lack of a native Android phone application for ToodleDo; my current todo list management platform of choice. I’m far more likely to have my phone with me than my iPad or PC so if there was a native phone app then I’d automatically have a higher chance of capturing my awesome ideas right away. As a stop gap I’ve been using Evernote as a temporary holding bay for such ideas but with varying levels of success. It’s more of a task graveyard than a functional system.

What about other Android apps for ToodleDo?
A few years ago I evaluated a couple of Android apps that integrated with ToodleDo but found them to be lacking. I decided to search once more to see if anything had changed since then. I petitioned my friends on FaceBook and got some good recommendations. I’m starting out by evaluating two candidates; Ultimate To Do List, and DGT GTD. Unfortunately I can’t find my notes from two years ago so I don’t know if I’ve already rejected these apps.

[Update: I’ve since rejected Ultimate To Do List. It’s a battery hog and the UI is harsh on the eyes.]

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4 Responses to Searching for a ToodleDo Android client

  1. Donald Henderson says:

    Got To Do was great, but developer has discontinued development and it is withdrawn from the Market. I’m trying Due Today, but it doesn’t have a Hotlist, so probably won’t last long.

    DGT GTD is billed as an alpha stage project which is a bit worrying. Not happy to trust my tasks list to an alpha product!

  2. Let me know what you think of Due Today. A missing Hotlist would be a big gap for me as that’s my 90% use case.

    DGT GTD is billed as alpha, but it sure feels a lot more mature than that for an app. I haven’t had any issues yet, but I completely understand your caution. I’m very glad the app performs backups prior to syncing or updating data.

  3. Rollo Tommazi says:

    Last time I checked (3 weeks ago), DGT GTD exposed a major flaw: Toodledo subtasks with a repeat option of “with Parent” are reset to “no repeat” when changed and synced by DGT GTD to Toodledo.
    When I noticed it, it was too late, and I had to go to Toodledo web site in order to find the now missing subtasks and change their repeat option again. What a mess.
    I’m not complaning though – as you say it says “alpha” on the tin – but still. Use with caution.

    • I’ve since stopped using DGT GTD on my phone. Didn’t encounter the flaw as I don’t use subtasks much. However, I didn’t find the app really met my needs either. I now find that I enter tasks most often using Pocket Informant on my iPad. I’ve returned to my (broken) system on the phone of entering them as voice notes in Evernote first and formalizing later (assuming I don’t have my iPad immediately available).

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