Filthy Cheats!

Tonight, while playing Call of Duty, I encountered an enemy I just could not see. No matter how many times I looked for my nemesis he would always shoot me before I could even see where he was. Eventually I decided to watch the kill-cam, a short replay of the last kill from your enemies perspective, to see if I could determine from where he was so able to finish me every time.

What I saw was a view from underneath the playing arena, an area players are not supposed to be able to reach. From this location my enemy was able to see the whole map without fear of being seen in return. He could leisurely pick off his foes at will without being in any danger himself. What a filthy cheat! I went into the replay room and recorded this video of his cheating ways. I also reported the bugger to the XBox Live! team. From what I’ve read the team try to follow up on reports of cheating so hopefully he’ll get banned. This sort of exploit just spoils the game for everyone else.

A cheating git found an exploit in MW3.

Fortunately I was able to simply leave the game lobby and find a group of people to play with who would abide by the rules. Several hours of grief-free gameplay ensued and a great time was had. My brother in-law Chris joined mid way through and we had a great time running around and shooting people together.

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4 Responses to Filthy Cheats!

  1. Godd69 says:

    This makes me angry!!

  2. Carl says:

    Which way did you report him?

    There appear to be two ways with MW3; the usual ‘File Complaint/Submit Player Review’ options through the Xbox guide and (a new?) one that is built into MW3 itself.

    There’s a glitch where they can hide inside a tanker on the snowy (Outpost?) map too.

  3. I reported via the main XBox guide. I didn’t know there was a way inside MW3. I’ll check that out tonight and see if its too late to also report via that route.

  4. David says:

    The good news is, a crap ton of cheaters have been hit by the ban hammer with more to come, so vengeance will be yours 😉

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