Christmas in Joshua Tree – Part 2

Merry Christmas!

After a rowdy Christmas Eve of fine wine, champagne, a little beer, and even some tequila, we retired for a good night’s sleep; those of us who weren’t spending extending periods in the bathroom that is. After a refreshing sleep we woke bright and early to wish each other a Merry Christmas and exchange gifts.

I often feel overwhelmed by the veritable wealth of gifts laid at our feet. Everyone was incredibly generous and we all have many new toys and treats to enjoy. I’m typing this post on my new Apple wireless keyboard paired with my iPad; I feel all hip and cool. Meaghan celebrates her birthday today also. She is wearing her shiny new earrings that my parents and I bought for her and enjoying reading her new pastry recipe book from our friends Amy and Dan. We are planning a special birthday celebration for Meaghan tonight after we have eaten our Christmas dinner; it’s important to delineate the events.

It has been a wonderful week thus far. We’re so glad that Mandy, Chris, and Cole were able to drive down to celebrate with us. This morning we had a short web chat with my family over in England. We used FaceTime between my MacBook Pro and Peter’s new iPad. Neither of us have a particularly good internet connection available so the picture was choppy and the sound was a little delayed, but it was great to see them all and to get to wish them a Merry Christmas face to face. It’s difficult to be so far away at Christmas, but wonderful that technology brings us just a little bit closer every year.

Tomorrow we’re planning to do some shopping in Palm Springs and see if there are any after-Christmas sales of which we can take advantage.

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