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Moving in to our New House – Week 1!

Our first week of moving in has gone well! While we don’t officially move in until this Tuesday, Meaghan and I have been taking the chance to get some improvements and maintenance done early, before our furniture is in the … Continue reading

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Moving in to our New House – Day 1

After six weeks of paperwork, inspections, negotiation, and patience, we were finally able to start moving into our new house today! The last month especially has been quite a tease, as we were fairly certain the property would be ours … Continue reading

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Top Ten iPad Apps

With the release of the new iPad, many people are entering the tablet space for the first time. With it comes the task of finding the right set of applications. One of the amazing things about the platform is that … Continue reading

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Backup Your Files! With Backblaze and Evernote

No matter whether you’re a mac or a pc, prefer Android tablets or iPads, the one truth that unites us all is the need for a good backup strategy. There are many good backup strategies. Here I present just one. … Continue reading

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Take note! With the iPad and Notability

When it comes to note-taking applications, it’s hard to beat Notability for iPad. It’s the perfect replacement for a moleskine or other paper notebook. Writing on the iPad felt natural to me within just a few minutes, and notability provides … Continue reading

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SFxT: Canceling into a Special

Canceling into special moves can be a confusing topic for people new to the Street Fighter IV engine. For example, with Ryu the sequence MP, HP, Hadoken can combo but at first glance appears to require really quick movements. A … Continue reading

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Evernote Email Archive

Have you ever found yourself searching for an old email conversation that you’re certain you’ve had but just can’t seem to find? Not sure whether it was in your work account, hotmail, or gmail accounts? Ever found part of the … Continue reading

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One Month on the Paleo Diet

I’ve been on the paleo diet for a little over a month now. Despite my initial fears about not being able to find anything on the menu at restaurants, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to modify … Continue reading

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OSX Tasks 2: Renaming a File

Renaming a file is such a simple operation that it seems silly to write instructions on how to do it. However, as someone who has worked with Windows for years even the simple interactions in OSX are not familiar to … Continue reading

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Locating your Evernote Email Address

If you use Evernote as your personal online filing cabinet, there is a feature that you might not be aware of that can save quite a bit of time when filing new items. All Evernote accounts come with a secret … Continue reading

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