Last week my buddy Aaron and I relived a little of our childhoods by going to see WWE RAW live at the Rose Garden arena. We had fantastic ring-side seats and as an incredible added bonus the main camera was pointed right at us. For most of the evening we could be seen in the background cheering and screaming both on the jumbo-screen and on the TV show at home. I’ve saved the whole show on our DVR and plan to upload some clips to YouTube when I get a free moment.


Despite having not watched the show for years, the moment the fireworks exploded, the jumbo-screen lit up, and the music started I was instantly transported back to a decade ago. We cheered, chanted, screamed, boo’d, and had a great time watching the superstars duke it out in the ring. No matter how you view the soap opera that is professional wrestling, there is no denying that it’s an electrifying show and it didn’t take us long to get sucked right back in.


The Bella Twins were gorgeous, Kelly Kelly was sexy as hell, and AJ could’ve stood ring-side all night. As implied, we were mostly admiring their athletic talents and skills in the ring. Gotta love a girl who can kick a little ass! I’d certainly go a round or two to find out.


It’s very different watching the action without the accompanying commentary from Jerry Lawler and Josh or Michael Cole. It’s also easy to forget just how huge the WWE wrestlers are until you see them up close. The Big Show (at 7′ 0″ and 441 lb) makes the ring look like furniture in a doll’s house. The icing on the cake was seeing The Rock come out and address John Cena in preparation for their match at Wrestlemania XXVIII. What an awesome night.


Now Aaron and I (despite years away from it) are planning to watch Wrestlemania XXVIII together in homage to what was a fantastic show, another great night, and one more thing checked off the bucket list.


“If you smeeellllll….what the rock…is…cookin’.”

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