Locating your Evernote Email Address

If you use Evernote as your personal online filing cabinet, there is a feature that you might not be aware of that can save quite a bit of time when filing new items. All Evernote accounts come with a secret email address that can be used to automatically add new items to your account. Simply send an email containing the item to that address and Evernote will process the email and create a new note for you. To route the new item to a particular notebook just add @NameOfNotebook to the subject line. Evernote will scan the subject line looking for this and add the note to the appropriate book for you automatically. You can apply tags by adding #Tag1 #Tag2 to the subject line as well.

Finding Your Secret Address
You can locate your secret Evernote email address by visiting the Usage tab in your Evernote account. I added it as a new contact in my email address book simply named Evernote. That way I can send an email to Evernote and not have to remember the secret address.

Alaska Airlines email me a receipt for the airline tickets for a business trip. Since I’ll be filing an expense report I need to keep a permanent copy of this receipt. From my email account I forward the mail to my secret Evernote address and modify the subject line as shown below.
To: xxxxxxxx@evernote.com
Subject: Your Alaska Airlines Purchase @Receipts #Alaska Airlines #Expense-Business

It’s fine to include spaces in the notebook name and tags that are listed. Evernote will attempt to match them. A new note will be created using the subject line of the email as the title of the new note. Evernote will even remove the @notebook #tag parts as well so that the original subject line is preserved.

Note: Be sure to export and backup your entire Evernote notebook. I export all notes in the .enex format monthly. Be responsible with your backups and never store your data in a single location.

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