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Have you ever found yourself searching for an old email conversation that you’re certain you’ve had but just can’t seem to find? Not sure whether it was in your work account, hotmail, or gmail accounts? Ever found part of the email thread but then been unable to locate the vital attachment that was lost somewhere along the chain? Yeah, me too. That’s why I’ve recently moved to using Evernote as my email archive. It provides a single searchable location that I can access from any device. As more of our financial and legal records move online, so too does the importance of managing those records effectively. I’m not convinced that gmail is the right place to store those items long term. With Evernote I’m able to take a local copy while still benefiting from the availability of cloud storage.

When I have finished processing a piece of email, I forward it to my secret Evernote email address (see here to find yours) and tag it appropriately. Most email goes into a single book called Email Archive. I can then delete the message from my email account to help keep everything clean. However, I am finding that an increasing number of receipts are being delivered via email now too. In those cases, say from PGE for an auto-pay power bill, I route the message to our Receipts notebook.

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