Moving in to our New House – Day 1

After six weeks of paperwork, inspections, negotiation, and patience, we were finally able to start moving into our new house today! The last month especially has been quite a tease, as we were fairly certain the property would be ours but we didn’t want to get our hearts set on it just in case something fell through. Last night we received the keys and their morning we got started moving in. There is a lot of work ahead of us and a heck of an adventure to look forward to.

Moved two loads of Boxes and “Stuff”
We have movers booked to help haul our stuff in about a week, but that didn’t stop us from loading up and moving some boxes ourselves already. The movers get paid by the hour so we’re saving their time for the heavy stuff.


Changed the Locks
Just to be sure, we changed the locks on the front door, side door, and internal garage door. While we had been given the keys by our realtor, it just didn’t seem sensible to trust that there weren’t any other copies out there. We learned a lot about both removal of existing locks and the installation of new ones. Nothing too complicated but new to us nonetheless.

Installing new locks

While we were at it, we also fit a new lock on the sliding door at the back of the house. The existing lock was broken so we got a brand new set of handles for it. Good peace of mind to have a functioning lock instead of just a piece of wood jamming it shut.

Changed the Batteries in the Smoke Detectors
One of the smoke detectors has been beeping every time we’ve been in the house. Nice to get that fixed. That beep was obnoxious!

Cleaned the Kitchen
Meaghan spent a few hours with antibacterial solutions and wipes going over all of the cabinets, under the sink, and generally getting the gunk out of all the nooks and crannies. I’m sure every person’s house has more gunk than they realize, but you really notice it when it’s your new place. We’ll be doing a lot more cleaning tomorrow and probably for days and weeks to come.

Cleaning under the sink

Changed the Bulbs in the Kitchen and the Living Room
For whatever bizarre reason, just about every bulb in the kitchen and living room was a different style, warmth, and power. It created a really weird color profile as light went from incandescent to fluorescent and light to dark depending upon which part of the room you were looking at. I got to learn how to use one of those extendable suction rods to screw the lights into the ceiling with and twenty-four bulbs later everything is looking great.

Stu installing new light bulbs  Stu installing new light bulbs

Running HDMI Cable
Our new house is wired for sound, literally. There is a media room next to the living room that acts as a central location for all of the video, audio, and network cabling and connections. However, since the house was built in 2004, the main cabling was for s-video and coax rather than HDMI. Fortunately, this was fairly easy to replace and after an hour or so of fishing and routing cables I’ve got an HDMI faceplate hooked up and ready to go. Tomorrow I’ve got to staple the cable in place and drill some new holes to mount the faceplate cleanly in the back of the media nook but other than that we’re ready to hook up the entertainment system. The next job is to figure out what speakers to buy. We have a fairly standard 5.1 surround set that will work well in the living room. However, the downstairs area is wired for an additional six speakers all throughout the dining and family areas. We’re thinking of installing recessed speakers in the ceiling, but I’m guessing that probably a few months down the line yet.

Removing the old crappy s-video and coax  New HDMI Hookup

HDMI Cable Hookup  Media room

Tomorrow we’re planning to pick out some paint colors for a couple of the bedrooms. We figure the best chance to get paint on the walls is before the furniture is moved in and we’d like to get at least the master and a guest bedroom decorated first. There is quite a bit of touch-up work to do downstairs too, from where the previous owners didn’t quite move out as carefully as they could have done. Nothing too major, but at least a few hours of hole patching and painting.

It’s been a fun ride so far! We’re looking forward to what everything else the place has in store for us.


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