Moving in to our New House – Week 1!

Our first week of moving in has gone well! While we don’t officially move in until this Tuesday, Meaghan and I have been taking the chance to get some improvements and maintenance done early, before our furniture is in the way.

Painting the Guest Bedroom
Over the last few days we’ve moved many more loads of stuff (little things we don’t want to pay the movers to move for us) and also begun painting the guest bedroom. On Sunday we got the walls painted, and this afternoon I worked on the trim. We’re going for a coffee palette that incorporates some warm browns and tans as well as a lighter tone on the walls and ceiling.


Changed the Entryway Light Fixture
Hanging in our entryway was a light fixture that was both ugly and broken. It was loose, hanging off the wall at an uncouth angle, and offensive to look at, which gave me the perfect opportunity to do my first bit of electrical work in the house. Getting the existing light fixture off the wall was easy. Then I just had to figure out how to apply my knowledge of English electrical wiring with what I found sticking out of the wall. Following a moment of research on Google I was ready to go.


Painting the Living Room
We liked the concept of our living room with one red wall. Unfortunately the existing wall had several scratches and problems, and the red was just a little more dull that we like. So we decided to paint over the existing red with a new slightly brighter red, fixing the scratches and problems in the process!


Spackling the Walls
Meaghan has become a speckling ninja. She’s been buzzing around the apartment filling in all of the holes left from pulling out nails, screws, and taking down some of the ugly shelf sets favored by the previous owners.

Installed Solar Torches in the Back Yard
The fence around our back yard has slots for solar torches so we figured we may as well take advantage and buy a few.

There is a lot left to do, but we are making some progress!

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