Paleo Diet – Phase Two

For the past three and a half months I’ve been following the Paleo diet or at least, as the author describes it, under a modified version of the Paleo diet suitable for beginners to get used to the practices. Having established a level of comfort with the new habits and choices of the diet, I feel ready to ramp up to the next phase.

The Paleo diet recommends an 80/20 split to begin where 80% of what you eat is fruit, vegetables, and lean meats. The other 20% is open to foods not strictly within the Paleo realm, within reason of course. I’ve so far mainly elected a few things like beer and tortilla shells on my burritos. I do also like having noodles with teriyaki. I’ve been avoiding things like donuts and where possible french fries and potato chips; although I’ve definitely taken the approach that winning the 80% battle was enough for now.

Today I feel inspired to push a little deeper into the Paleo way of eating and so for the next few months I’m going to try a concerted effort to completely eliminate french fries and potato chips and to return to eating my Chipotle burritos as burrito bowls rather than in a shell. I’ve already cut out the rice from the burrito so it shouldn’t be all that hard to do. I’m keeping beer and noodles for now. One step at a time, after all.

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