I’ve been refreshing my skills in C++ recently. It’s been ten years since I coded anything serious in that environment and the gaps are readily apparent. Nonetheless I’ve been working through examples in the book I bought and the knowledge is coming back steadily. However, I decided I needed something real to work on, a project that would make me think about real problems shad find their solutions.

Thus was born SimpleBuild. I’ve never really liked Make anyway and what better way to get a refresher on a language than digging into building your own build system?

I’ve been going for a couple of weeks now and during that first sprint have come further than I thought I would. The help files are finished and I have a directory scanner and dependency graph builder. Working currently on a class to hash files so I can scan for changes in source. Leaving the code for a small local database and parallelism for last as they feel like the hairiest tasks on my list.

There isn’t much there right now but I’m planning to GPL it and release for free once done. I doubt the system will be of much use to other people but might have some academic value our contain something worth forking.

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