It’s a girl!!

As those of you with whom we are friends on Facebook know, Meaghan discovered on Thursday that we are having a baby girl. The ultra-sound pictures came out great (our sonographer took 70 of them!) and according to the analysis all is looking great and the baby is healthy.

We’re extremely excited to hear the news, not only that we’re having a girl but more importantly that everything is going well and that she is healthy and on track. Meaghan is doing great and got the thumbs up “keep doing what you’re doing” from the mid-wife we spoke to. I can’t believe we’re already halfway towards being parents for really reals. The time seems to have flown by. I’m led to understand that children generally induce a time vortex generating increased velocity within a localized area. This certainly seems to validate that.

Now that we know we need to buy girl diapers and wipes, we can set about ignoring all of the gender-specific guidelines for clothing and start picking out some suitable geek-wear for our future daughter. I’m thinking at least one Zelda item and something with Bazinga on it.

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