July 4th 2012

This year the July 4th holiday fell in the middle of the week. Despite the odd timing, it didn’t stop us from partying with our friends up on the hill. In time honored tradition we ate great food, played dirty card games, drank a lot of beer, and then blew up a bunch of fireworks. I managed to take a few photographs too.


Left: Aaron and Logan getting ready for fireworks.   Right: Lucy wearing her sun hat.


Left: Amy, Audrey, Dan, and Lucy.  Right: Meaghan with her appetizers.


Left: Matt and Meaghan.   Right: Amy being fruity with a drink.


Left: Aaron and his tank.   Right: Melissa with a sparkler.


Playing with sparklers.


Left: Lucy covering her ears.  Right: Meaghan preparing dessert.


We had a great evening with friends, good food, great conversation, beer, fruity drinks, some fireworks, and a heck of a lot of silliness. Happy 4th all!

As always, all of the photos are available on my SmugMug site:


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