Falling Skies

Meaghan and I recently started watching Falling Skies on our Apple TV. We’d caught up with the latest season of Grimm and this was a new series that had appealed to both of us in the trailers. We finished season one a few weeks ago and we’re now caught up with the current progress of season two. It has been entertaining so far and I’m intrigued to see where the story is leading. It’s not of the same caliber as a Game of Thrones and the first season took a little while to get going, but somewhere around episode four it was clear that they received funding as the action and effects really picked up a lot.

That momentum continued well through the end of season one and into the start of season two, but a few episodes in and it seems to have stalled again. There is still plenty going on and the characters are being exposed slowly, but the episodes are really starting to feel a bit repetitive in places. The last few episodes have presented emotional moments that both Meaghan and myself have struggled to connect with. It feels like the writers want there to be more tension and emotion than there really is. We’re still hopeful for the end of the season as there are some pretty cool concepts that the writers could use. I like the tech and the overall portrayal of life after an alien invasion, they just need to stop teasing their ideas and get on with exposing them already. I get the sense that new ideas aren’t coming as often as they’d like so the shows producers are making sure to get the most out of the ones they have.

More action please! Less sloppy emotional scenes that lack substance.

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